“With the Mr. Wolfe Group we were able to develop our digital and global expansion strategies. Together we uncovered several limiting factors that we were able to rectify, and even optimise our own customer acquisition”

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A perfect fit

As a new startup, Hubflame had issues with funding and go-to-market strategy.

For founders, especially technical founders, navigating a go-to-market strategy can be difficult.

With the help of The Mr. Wolfe Group, Hubflame were able to:

  • Build a strategy around incorporation, founders’ shares, vesting, etc. to ensure the long-term success of the company, and smooth capital raising activities in the future. This is an area most startups fail to get right – especially new founders with no experience with legal and big finance.
  • Source a Co-Founder and CMO with a strong cross-discipline technical background.
  • Build a go-to-market strategy that enabled initial founders to start generating income faster on their bootstrapped budget. Importantly, that income would allow the company to expand effectively in the future. On top of that, it maximized the equity that the founders retained in the company.
  • Raise initial funding to cover go-to-market costs.
  • Create a product and pricing strategy to maximize revenue potential.
  • Implement agile project management principles to create a roadmap for the efficient and effective rollout of new features related to the enhanced product strategy.
  • Work with our digital marketing partners Jupiter eCom to set up necessary systems for marketing, analytics, and demand generation for B2B SaaS.

First impressions

Some initial feedback from our happy client, Andrew Generalov - Hubflame Founder:

Andrew was over the moon with how The Mr. Wolfe Group were able to use his concept as a springboard for a commercially viable, profitable business integrated at the core for scale.

From Strategy to Implementation – we oversaw Hubflame's current and continued business success.

“Jake is very sociable and we quickly found common topics for conversation. The energy that he has is amazing, he shares it with all the team members and charges them.

I liked Jake's approach when planning tasks for the team. He has a large number of skills and experience, this allows him to be confident in the correctness of the decisions made.

Jake is an excellent organizer, The Mr. Wolfe Group team under his leadership works efficiently and productively."

“The energy that Jake has is amazing, he shares it with all the team members and charges them.”

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