"The efficiency and effectiveness that The Mr. Wolfe Group were able to add to our business was nothing short of astounding. The most frustrating time consuming pain points were smoothed out, automated, and turned into clear processes. We now make more money, and it's EASIER."

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About Jupiter eCom

Jupiter eCom is a performance marketing agency servicing the eCommerce and SaaS industries. 

Like many B2B services agencies, they tended to prioritize the creative and client outputs over internal management and processes, which was an obstacle to their development. 

What is the Problem?

Product, Positioning and Pricing are prerequisites for the success of any agency. The combination of all three of these aspects puts the company in a position to succeed but requires a range of measures the agency owner might consider too risky or hard to take. 

The majority of agency owners fail to bring together pitching and pricing. As a result, they often work without landing contracts and, consequently, do not get any income. Even if they manage to land contracts, they tend to accept the clients’ terms thus devaluating their own expertise. 

Our Solution

The pitching, onboarding, and pricing strategy we developed for Jupiter eCom helped them land and onboard quality clients in less time. We used behavioral psychology techniques and our deep knowledge of the industry to filter out poor clients. We helped them to prime for value-based pricing to ensure adequate compensation for their expertise. 

The Mr. Wolfe Group provides business owners with efficient solutions to improve their organizational structure and achieve long-term success. 

What we do:

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness through introducing better management and project management systems.
  • Increase ROI by optimizing business processes and restructuring the knowledge base, which allows using staff resources more efficiently.
  • Optimize revenue for a B2B services company through a product, positioning, and pricing strategy.

Product, Positioning and Pricing are prerequisites for the success of any agency

Do you want to improve performance and increase profits for your services company?

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