“Our biggest problem as a more technical minded team was knowing how to implement the business and sales strategy, and the requisite systems – The Mr. Wolfe Group took care of everything so we could focus on delivering for our clients"

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About the Client 

MeltCube is a Data Services agency focusing on solutions for eCommerce and SaaS companies. MeltCube delivers Data Engineering, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, and Data Science solutions to digital companies.

It is said that Data is the new oil. While oil production is localized in only a few areas of the world, data production is distributed much more equitably. The difference is, many companies do not fully realize the value of their data. MeltCube helps companies change this by extracting the huge value hidden in their business data.

Many companies do not have the expertise required to recognize where the value is and how different sources can be combined to create hugely valuable business solutions. Nor do they have a team capable to deliver such solutions. That's where MeltCube comes in.

The Client’s Problem 

MeltCube faced the same problem as many service companies. While all effort was devoted to delivering for clients, internal management and processes suffered. 

Core principles of Product, Positioning, Pricing are essential for the success of any agency – but are difficult to get right. Pitching and pricing go hand in hand, but most agencies fail to navigate this area. The reason is that a sound agency strategy covering all three of these aspects often means doing things that are counter-intuitive for the agency owner. However, this is essential for the success of the company. 

Businesses that don't do this get stuck in long-drawn-out pitching processes, which often leads to working for free for extended periods of time, without landing contracts. If they do land contracts – then it's often on the clients’ terms. As a result of such devaluation of the agencies’ expertise, they are forced to cut on internal costs to eke out any profit margin.

Our Solution

We developed an effective pitching, onboarding, and pricing strategy for MeltCube to ensure it was getting quality clients. The strategy involved filtering out poor clients based on behavioral psychology and industry understanding, introducing value-based pricing to ensure that MeltCube was adequately compensated for its expertise, and reducing the time required to land and onboard new clients.

At The Mr. Wolfe Group, we help business owners break through these barriers to achieve greater organizational efficiency, better clients, and sustainable long-term business success.

  • Implement effective management and project management systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Improve ROI by structuring processes and knowledge base for the efficient utilization of staff resources.
  • Develop a product, positioning, and pricing strategy to optimize revenue for a B2B services company.
  • Collaborate with our digital marketing partners Jupiter eCom to implement necessary systems for marketing, analytics, and demand generation for B2B services.

“Core principles of Product, Positioning, Pricing are essential for the success of any agency – but are difficult to get right”

Could your agency be more profitable, and take on more, or better clients?

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